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Carý - Italy
Vald Henriksen - Holland

Ronson also represents world renowned companies like Carý (Italy) and Vald Henriksen (Holland) as their sole Selling Agent in India

 Carý (Italy)

Caru Sueding Machine

Carý's manufacturing program comprises of the following machines:

  • Sueding machine for woven fabrics
  • Sueding machine for knitted fabric
  • Sueding machine for wet & dry process
  • Sueding cum Brushing Machine - VIBRO SAND
  • Sueding Machine - TURBO BRUSH
  • Raising Machine with one or two drums
  • Corduroy and Velveteen Finishing machines:
    • Single knife cutting machine
    • Multi-blade cutting machine
    • Disk blade grinding machine
    • Dry Brushing machines
    • Wet Brushing machines
    • Waxing-Glazing machine
  • Cleaning Machine - AIR BRUSH COMPACT

For more information visit:  http://www.caru.it or http://www.caru-textilemachines.com

 Vald Henriksen (Holland)

New Henriksen Electronic Jigger

Eng. Valdemar Henriksen from Denmark, inventor of the widely used friction-drive, found the well-known company Henriksen in 1945. Of all the Jiggers supplied over the past years, more than 5000 Vald Henriksen Jiggers are still in operation today.

Vald Henriksen's manufacturing program comprise of the following two types of Jiggers :

  • Atmospheric Jigger
  • High Pressure Jigger

Some of the salient features of Vald Henriksen Jiggers are:

  • Automatic reproduction system for dyeing independent of run lengths.
  • Whether you require the same colour, 2, 5 or 20 times; you will always have consistent dyeing conditions
  • This is the first jigger with a washing technology incorporated from the highly efficient continuous washing systems. It is the jigger that guarantees excellent washing and low water consumption.
  • Fabric guiding device for smooth fabric loading and unloading prevention
  • Two direct AC drive for accurate speed and tension control
  • Auto motion system preventing unbalance when jigger comes to stand still
  • External bearings with special mechanical seals
  • Heavy-duty main rollers ( dia. 350 mm)
  • Side tank for automatic chemical dosing with cleaning cycle and level control
  • Programmed and last minute sampling by machine stops at predefined positions
  • Bath circulation system with stainless steel pump for even dye and temperature distribution
  • Nine guide rollers of dia. 120 mm special low-weight
    construction for a smoother fabric run with crease-sensitive fabrics
  • Selvedge displacing system for thick and tucked fabric edges
  • Full width doors with automatic lift, steam-tight seals and large size windows
  • Operation panel with graphic colour display, jigger visualisation and smart function keys
  • Central electronics cabinet with first class components and high protection degree
  • High quality stainless steel compartment with heavy sides (8mm) and rigid support frame
  • Dyeing tank in special design for liquor-ratio control, low-level and overflow washing
  • Water feed with digital flow meter for consumption control
For more information visit:  http://www.henriksen.nl
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